FS2Crew has some summer news!

FS2Crew Summer News!

Web: www.fs2crew.com

1. UGCX is nearing completion – finally!  Please ‘LIKE‘ and follow our Facebook page for the latest info.  There’s a nice, new screen shot on our Facebook page showing the Follow Me car.

2. Aerosoft will be releasing their P3D V4 Airbus soon (we hope!).  We will be updating FS2Crew for the Aerosoft Airbus to match.  There are some internal code differences between the P3D V4 version and non-P3D V4 version we need to account for, but we’ll release it as quick as we can.   

3. The DCS F18 -  It’s a brilliant new F18 sim and we’re looking for somone who can create an expanded checklist for it for use with Pilot Assist Pro.  So if you’re an F18 expert, send us a ticket please!  We need your help so we can support this great sim!

4. No summer is complete without a summer sale, so all FS2Crew products are now 30 percent off.

Use coupon code: SUMMER2018

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